Kevin Y.X. Wang

Kevin Y.X. Wang

Senior Data Scientist



As a kid, I was always fascinated with detective stories, and how one can make inferences on human behaviours based on simple observations and scientific principles.

Today, I am a senior bioinformatics scientist at Illumina. In my day-to-day work, I utilise my statistical and data science skills to break down complex biological processes, leading to a greater understanding of human diseases. This understanding ultimately results in the creation of high-impact commercial products that improve patient care, diagnosis and our collective knowledge of human genomics. I am currently serving on the council of the NSW branch of the Statistical Society of Australia.

To me, data is like a static lake of information and data science is using clever strategies to fish actionable insights from that lake. Thus, my broad interest is in applying fit-for-purpose statistical and computational tools to understand complex data and make them tell interesting stories. I am active on Twitter, always posting my analytical adventures and technical tips. I also release some of my analytical work through GitHub and tidytuesday webpage.

I hold a PhD in statistics from the University of Sydney and worked as a research associate in 2019 and a statistician at CSL Behring in 2020. Previously, I provided consultation and analytical insights to clinicians/biologists through numerous collaborative publications. I was a Postgraduate Teaching Fellow at the University of Sydney (2016-2019) and a contributor to the outreach program at the University. You can reach out via my LinkedIn or download my CV.

  • Data science to solve real world challenges
  • Bioinformatics for diagnostic technologies
  • R/Python package development
  • PhD in Statistics and Bioinformatics, 2016-2020

    University of Sydney

  • Bachelor of Science (Adv Maths, Hon. Class I), 2012-2015

    University of Sydney


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